MTB Cycling Shoes J071043

MTB Cycling Shoes J071043

1. This kind of bicycle shoes is made of nylon material, inner breathable mesh cloth, mirror super fiber, etc. bicycle shoes are also called self-locking shoes, which are special shoes with the characteristics of self-locking pedal components. It needs to be used together with the self-locking pedal. After getting on the car, the metal lock of the sole of the locking shoes will be stamped and locked on the pedal.

2. The main function is to prevent the foot from slipping off the pedal in high-speed riding or bumpy off-road, which is very dangerous.

3. In cycling, the two feet are alternately lifted and pulled. Compared with the traditional two legs separately, it can more evenly distribute the force of the two legs, prevent fatigue, and improve the torque at the same time. It is suitable for high speed riding.

4. Because the driver transfers the force to the foot through the riding shoes, the stronger the hardness and efficiency of the sole will be higher in order to reduce the loss of force. If the sole is elastic or soft, the force will be absorbed from the part, so you will be more laborious when stepping on.

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