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Do we have to wear gym gloves for fitness

10 Dec 2019

It’s getting colder these days.Have you been working out?If not,you have to move it on.Otherwise,you will get lazier and lazier.Winter is a season which will make us eat more.The result is many of us will get heavier in winter.What I want to tell you is winter is a nice chance to lose weight because we burn more calories when we work out in winter.We may probably didn’t warm-up in summer.It will damage our body because we didn’t use some of our muscle.What’s more this is more serious in winter and more likely to happen.So we must do some warm-up exercise before we start work out.Cold weather make our heart suffer from the stress of distributing blood.However,It’s not a bad news.That will enhance our myocardial function.Also our body will release more heat and endorphin when we work out in winter.Endorphin,a hormone which will make us feel happy.So we will get happier when we work out in winter than other seasons.It’s also worth noting that many of us don’t breath properly.The air is dry in winter so the stimulation to respiratory mucosa is relatively large.We’d better breath through the nose instead of mouth since our nose can heat and humidify the air and doing it can prevent over drying of the throat.However,we can still use our mouth to breath when we can’t help using it.We can open our mouth slightly but we are not suppose to breath heavily with our mouth.

One last thing I would like to remind you is although there are many benefits when we working out in winter but our body will get weaker and have a slower metabolic in winter too.So don’t flaunt your superiority in winter.Your body may not accept the intensity as usual in other seasons.It’s essential for us to choose appropriate intensity and prevent injuries.

So why don’t we start working out yet?If you are the one who has just started working out or thought about it,you may consider we don’t have to wear them and handle each equipment with your own hands.However,you will know how important it is if you are a veteran.A pair of gloves can solve many problems so you can work better and here are some suggestions for the beginner and the reason are as followed.

As we all know,safety first.One of the most useful functions of gym gloves is to protect our hands form damage.Some equipment is very crude and you may be ground to bleeding.Also,It’s better for us to choose the one with wrist-band because weightlifting is much more dangerous than we think.With the protection of the wrist-band,you are not easy to twist your wrist.It’s said that 60% of strained muscle happens on the wrist.What’s more,everyone would sweat while working out especially your hands.And if you don’t dry your sweat in time,your hands will be slippery.At that precise moment,your gloves will absorb it but increase the friction between your hands and the dumbbell.The gym gloves can distribute the weight evenly on our hand so it can reduce the stress on our palm.Sometimes,you might think you are not strong enough to seize the equipment.But maybe it was just because there is not enough friction between your hand and the equipment.So a good pair of gloves should be look like this.

The design of the palm should be thicker and rough enough to make it more convenient for us to seize the equipment and increase the friction.So this model of gym gloves its part of the wrist have a wrist-band on it so it can fasten our wrist and protect it.The sturdy material can do it better on the part of the finger such as leather and it would be perfect if they have the function of breathable.So we make some holes on the palm to achieve it.It can be cleaned exceptionally well too.As I mentioned above,our gloves absorb perspiration so we must clean it frequently or it can be easy to mold.It can be used many time if we use it in appropriate way.

Meanwhile,the gloves can avoid causing calluses with the function of wear-resistant especially for the girls who love fitness.It’s unnecessary for us to wear it at the very beginning of weightlifting but you have to start use it with the intensity increasing.Needless to say,gym gloves can help you finish the movement better.However,wearing the gym gloves can’t be almighty.Once you use it in a wrong way,that may still happen to your hands.Some people would say they don’t care about the callus but It does make you feel comfortable and a lot of passion.I’m afraid you can’t do it better without the gloves.

After saying the advantages of wearing them but how can we choose a pair of suitable gloves?As I mentioned above,the most useful and important function of gym gloves is protection.Not having the wrist-band can not protect your wrist well if you often lift weight.From my perspective,I would like to choose the one with the functions such as breathable,wear-resistant,anti-skidding.These functions depend on the material of the gloves.Mesh cloth is the first choice cause it can fit our hands well and breathable.It would be perfect if there is silicone on the palm.It would be better if there is terry cloth on the thumb.A good pair of gloves can be used for a long time with good quality.Details determine quality.We can see whether the gym gloves is easy to take off.Also the design must be fashion.You can refer to what I said if you would like to buy one.Wish you a good heath and achieve your goal in the way of fitness!Thanks for reading.

Do we have to wear gym gloves for fitness

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