Do You Know How To Wath Fitness Gloves Properly

05 Dec 2020

1.Most of people go to Gym to keep himself fit and healthy,our hands’ guard fitness gloves is a must, a pair of breathable, anti-slip and easeful fitness gloves will protect us against hurt while we are doing some sports, but many people have no idea how to wash the fitness gloves. Here are some useful tips for washing the fitness gloves as follows

Tips for cleaning and washing most of the fitness gloves, they are made of lycra, suede, microfiber, terry cloth, mesh cloth.

Firstly, soak fitness gloves in warm water, add some soap (dishwashing detergent works great). massage with hand ,do not put them in a washing machine. It only requires 1 or 2 minutes of massaging underwater. please remember don’t pour into a lot of soap, it will be difficult to rinse it all out.

2.Sencondly, rinse and repeat with the fitness gloves inside-out thoroughly under a running tap. It is extremely important and should be done well, and use your hands to scrub off any grime.

Thirdly, making sure to squeeze out all the water through each finger you can while holding the fitness gloves vertically with the hand opening downward. If you see any sign of soap bubbles on the gloves, please rinse the gloves again to keep promise they are totally clean.

3. Fourth, air dry the fitness gloves carefully, and keep the fitness gloves out of direct sunlight, for the elastic wrist gloves, first reverse the elastic so it goes around the back of the wrist, and the hand opening is easier to open up. Prop something in the opening to keep the glove open and air circulating, it will be easier to dry the gloves in this way.

Do NOT ever put the fitness gloves on or close to a radiator. please put them anywhere in a normal room is OK, the ideal temperature range is between 20℃ to 25℃.

4. Tips for the leather fitness gloves cleaning and washing

it’s better not to submerge the leather fitness gloves, rub the grime parts with a clean and wet towel ,if it's hard to remove the grimes, please with some dishwashing detergent on a clean and wet towel to wipe and repeat until the grimes disappear, then dry with a bone-dry towel.hanging fitness gloves vertically with the hand opening downward,air dry the fitness gloves carefully, and keep the fitness gloves out of direct sunlight

5. Please keep in mind, do NOT ever put the leather fitness gloves on or close to a radiator, too high heat wrecks the leather.

If you crack the leather by overheating and over-drying it, you can get some life back by using neatsfoot oil (saddler’s oil), but the life of the gloves has been reduced. Don’t risk over-drying good leather gloves. If there is nothing else available, olive oil can be used on some parts that get too dry.

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