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Do you know the materials and craftsmanship in the back of the hand of fitness gloves

18 Dec 2020

More and more people choose to keep fit. fitness gloves are indispensable sports equipment.The commonly used materials for the back of fitness gloves are lycra, mesh cloth and stair cloth. Their common characteristics are good permeability, elasticity and ductility, which can fit the back of the hand well and protect the hand without affecting the flexibility of fitness.

Do you know the materials and craftsmanship in the back of the hand of fitness gloves

When designing and producing fitness gloves, in addition to the practicality of the gloves, the appearance of the gloves must also be considered. Therefore, in addition to dyeing materials and splicing fabrics of different colors.we will also add some craftsmanship to the back of the glove to meet the needs of different people. The commonly used processes for fitness gloves include printing, transfer printing, heat transfer, embroidery, rubber stamps, embossing, planting rubber, etc.

However, because of the different characteristics of the materials, the craftsmanship that can be made are also different. The commonly used materials such as Lycra, mesh and stair cloth for the back of fitness gloves have different materials and similar properties. They are all elastic fabrics, so the craftsmanship that can be added are roughly the same as those that are not recommended.

Suggest to do

(1)General printing

Less printing times, 3-5 times, no obvious touch, clear wheel lines, easy color matching.Is a common process.

(2)Silicone printing

Soft touch, good touch, high firmness, high temperature resistance,With anti-slip function Belong to environmental protection materials.

(3)Thermal sublimation transfer

Bright and beautiful colors, suitable for light-colored fabrics ,usually transfer patterns on white polyester materials.

(4)Heat transfer

Print the pattern on the PET film, add white glue and resin glue, hot stamp on the fabric, if there is a layer of rubber, the hand feels smooth, the color is bright, the pattern is clear and realistic.

(5)Reflective technology

Printing ink on reflective film,then transfer the printed film to the fabric ,but poor reflection effect and general water resistance.Not recommended.

Not recommended


Laser is not recommended for styles without lining,because the edge will pierce the hand.


The lycar material is soft and easy to wrinkle, And the mesh cloth and stair cloth itself is a mesh structure.


Materials are elastic and easy to deform.

In addition, the stair cloth can also be printed with thick board glue, but because the stair cloth has a deeper texture and poor appearance, ordinary printing is not recommended.

Do you know the materials and craftsmanship in the back of the hand of fitness gloves

When we do strength training, we must wear fitness gloves with wrist guards. The wrist guard material is generally made of neoprene, with multiple thickness options. While protecting the wrist, it can help us do more weight training. Common techniques for diving materials include high-frequency imprinting, high-frequency modeling, and high-frequency grouting.

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