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Fitness gloves to be or not to be it is a question

10 Mar 2022

As people pay more attention to health, more and more people begin to enter the gym. In the gym, you can see that many people do not wear fitness gloves and you can also see that many people wear gloves to exercise.As a fitness novice, I can't help but wonder, should I wear fitness gloves?

Fitness gloves to be or not to be it is a question

1.Absorb sweat and moisture, keep a certain degree of hygiene and cleanliness

The palms of the hands will sweat during exercise. In order to avoid sports injuries caused by slipping during exercise, not every gym has anti-slip powder for use. At this time, fitness gloves are necessary. The materials of fitness gloves are generally light and breathable, which can absorb sweat and prevent slippage, while sweat can be well evaporated.Reduce hand wear, delay the production of thick calluses

Fitness gloves to be or not to be it is a question

First of all, there are a lot of grips and pushes during the fitness process, and some of the equipment threads are relatively tight, especially when they are heavy. With the increase in the intensity of weight training, it is easy to wear out the palms, blisters on the palms, and even calluses in the long term. In addition to the anti-slip effect, the palm position of fitness gloves also has a thickened design. The thickened design can prevent Provide hands protection under the premise of affecting training, although there is no the law is 100% guaranteed that it will not grow cocoons, but it is a great boon to delay prevent skin breakage and infection.Because most of the training equipment has a unique texture on the grip area to increase friction.

Fitness gloves to be or not to be it is a question

Even if you are a person who doesn't care about growing calluses, you have to be careful of blisters after a long training time. After all, blisters grow on your palms. It hurts when you hold the heavy training equipment! In particular, the equipment has rough textures. It is even more serious if the palm is worn out. Not only can you not use barbells and dumbbells in a short time, but you must also handle the wound carefully to avoid infection. And not everyone in the gym uses alcohol for disinfection after using the equipment. In order to prevent the wound from being infected, have a pair of fitness gloves of your own is more at ease.

2.Protect your wrist

The wrist is a human joint with a large range of motion but very poor stability. Data shows that 60% of muscle strains in fitness occur on the wrist. Therefore, the purpose of fitness gloves or wrist guards is to stabilize the wrist, strengthen support and protect it. Wrist joints. When performing related "push" actions (such as back press or shoulder press, etc.), fitness gloves can spread the weight of the equipment a bit and reduce the pressure on the palm. In addition, beginners in fitness or people with low muscle mass often have the wrong way to force their wrists when doing heavy training of hand movements. There are some heavy training gloves on the market that have the function of protecting the wrist, which can increase the support of the wrist, stabilize the wrist, and reduce the chance of injury. It is recommended for those who are just beginning to get involved in fitness.And more importantly, wearing fitness gloves can help you exert your strength during training.

Fitness gloves to be or not to be it is a question


Regarding the disadvantage of wearing fitness gloves, some fitness enthusiasts like to touch the equipment, and some professional competitions do not allow them to wear fitness gloves.

All in all, there is no fitness to wear fitness gloves, only need or not. Because the main purpose of the protective gear in the weight training process is to avoid injury during the exercise rather than to increase the training intensity. If you are a novice or non-professional athlete, you can consult relevant professionals for their opinions.

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