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Gym gloves performance

29 Dec 2019

Are you still lifting without gloves . due to exercise gloves that don't fit?

Gloves don't fit your hands, and they can have a huge impact on how you feel at the gym. We know that fitness gloves are like a second layer of skin in the gym. Fitness is a process of working out and releasing stress. However, poor quality gloves will make you reluctant to wear gloves in the gym.

Are you still throwing away your gym gloves because not breathable?

In the fitness exercise, people sweat much, so the permeability of gloves have a very high demand, people can not wear wet gloves adhere to fitness, while a long time to let the body fit wet gloves, which will give you rheumatism disease.

Are you pity the cost of the gym gloves?

Gym gloves have a lot of friction with gym equipment. Maybe you have changed your gloves one by one. And it’s spend a lots of money of gym gloves. Gloves wear resistance is particularly important. palm material must choose wear resistance. It’s a good way to longer life for you gloves.

Most gloves are made of PU material in the palm position and have a similar shape to leather. At the same time can meet the needs of most consumers, the price is more affordable, but the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, PU material gloves use life is not long, and in moisture absorption and sweat and ventilation is not an advantage, of course the price is more favorable.

The mid-end gloves will be made of microfiber, which has excellent wear resistance and is a distinct advantage over PU. You may have used it for months, but you still don't feel the wear and tear from the gym equipment, and it has a perfect look that doesn't fuzz or fade. The only drawback is breathability and comfort, compared to leather or a long way. But it's great for midrange gloves, and it's also priced for midrange fitness gloves.

Gym gloves performance

In 2020, boodun launched a gym gloves mainly made of deerskin, which comfortable breathable and water uptake.

1.Deerskin cover whole palm:

Genuine deerskin performance: Especially soft, you can discover that’s a soft and beautiful fabric via surface,without loss of comfortable feeling ; Good extension, high level of stretch and fit hands ; Breathable,maintains its natural breathability ; water absorption, it’s good to resist moisture from either rain or perspiration. As you know, all natural leather have extensile,breathable and water absorption performance. what’ more,it not only withstand 120 degrees’ high temperature,but also outstanding advantage at low temperatures.

Deerskin weight isn’t heavy

The thickness of deerskin is 0.8mm~0.9mm

Gym gloves performance

2.The triangular mesh. maintain its natural breathability and let your palms flexible .still dry out and breathable.

Composition 92%nylon 8%spandex.

Gram weight 180g/m2

Gauge: 32 GG

Permeability index reached 80%

3. Thicker reverse side deerskin pad: Grip Strength 40%. Avoid Calluses and Blisters index 95%

4. Easy strip on middle finger and ring finger: let you easy to take off.

Gym gloves performance

5.Corn mesh on the back of the hand:

Make wearing more comfortable and fit.

component 85%polyester,15%spandex.

Gram weight 200g/m2

Gauge: 32 GG

and breathability index up to 80%.

6.Embossed neoprene on back:

Neoprene protect knuckle and add beauty. Let gloves fit you hand(s)

Gym gloves performance

7.Power velcro:

Increase the service life of gloves, let you you hand protect successfully via the wrist strap and power velcro.

component 100%nylon

8.Lengthening suede pu wrist belt:

Choose wearable suede pu,which is no fuzz, no fading. With wrist straps attached to the weights you can successfully lift much heavier weights than usual and prevent wrist injuries. So it’s necessary for lifting gloves to add a lengthening wrist belt. On the other hand, we choose hole suede pu,which is breathable and beautiful.

Suede pu component 75% resin ,15% chromoplasm , 10% foaming agent

Suede pu thickness have 0.7mm

Increased Lift 50 %

Gym gloves performance

9.Terry cloth: it’s good at wiping sweat. Choose Visa fabric,which is softer and more absorbent perspiration than normal toweling. It makes you more convenient in sports. On the other hand, visa let you hand dry out. In a word , it’s have two functions when you use it.

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