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How complicated is the production of gym gloves

28 Mar 2020

The first thing to note is that gym gloves are different from normal gloves. Although it is the same as ordinary gloves, the use of gym gloves is more demanding for its protective effect. However, during the use of the gym gloves, the friction of the contact surfaces with other objects must be considered. The advantage of gym gloves is that it prevents blisters and calluses on the palm, reduces the damage to the palm of the knurling structure on the pole, and also helps to improve the training performance.

How complicated is the production of gym gloves

In each state of gym, the effect of the bodybuilder's manipulation of the equipment depends largely on the hand effort. To play better, gym gloves have naturally been favored by gym enthusiasts. Burtono's exquisitely crafted gym gloves work hard to prevent slipping. The breathability depends on the material and size of the gloves, and the protection of the palm is mainly reflected in the weightlifting and deadlift. The bodybuilder tightly touches the bar with the palm, especially the bar with a knurled structure. If there are no gloves to prevent slipping and provide grip, such movements can easily cause the palm to be worn and severely damage the joints. Due to functional reasons, different from ordinary gloves, the manufacturing process of a pair of professional gym gloves is bound to be more complicated. If you have not visited the Burtono production workshop in person, you will not know the secret. Let's lift the mystery of it together.

The first step, (design). The first process is indispensable for the production of all products, which is design. The professional designer of gloves confirms the customized style of gym gloves according to customer requirements, including choice of style, choice of materials, choice of trademarks, choice of tags, and exterior Packaging options and more, Burtono can provide one-stop service. If some customers are not clear about how to customize, say your thoughts, just like you need to customize gym gloves with non-slip and breathable function, but do not know how to choose the material, we will provide professional material performance and quotation for you to choose.

The second step is (procurement). In this modern era, the appearance of the product has more or less affected the first impression of the product. Secondly, no matter how stylish your gloves look and how well your gloves are, it ’s useless to wear them. Burtono is good at finding the right raw materials according to the customer's specific requirements for the product and offering reasonable prices and delivery times. Through Burtono's production and a few other channels to find the same material as the glove sample the customer wants. This has also become an important reason for Burtono's very low product defect rate and high customer return rate.

Third (sample). Create templates based on customer samples and start making. Molding and mold making: According to the shape of each part of the glove, a corresponding model is made. Burtono has strict quality requirements, and the left and right-hand craft directions are different. Any mistakes or customer dissatisfaction must be reworked. Besides, quality inspections are performed according to international NOA, SGS and other specifications, and samples can pass the test before the next step.

Fourth, (production). Printing and film production. Printing is carried out using Graphic Communications (graphic communication). Originals such as text, pictures, photographs, and anti-counterfeiting are subjected to plate making, ink application, and pressure processes to transfer the ink to the surface of paper, fabric, plastic, leather, and other materials. Techniques for copying original content. The film is to determine all the details of the angle, direction and position of the glove, and make the shape by a professional machine. In detail, Burtono focuses on the precise development and measurement of the characteristics of the bodybuilder. It is very different from some gym gloves on the market. Adhering to the purpose of human sports science and health, it never uses cheap to reduce profits for profit. Material. The production of the tiger mouth patch is the frequent friction between the tiger's mouth of the palm in the gym exercise and the gym equipment, and it is necessary to add abrasion-resistant fibrous leather at the tiger's mouth. And a towel cloth is used on the thumb part of the glove, which has a sweat-absorbing effect and can provide sweat for the bodybuilder. It also incorporates a wearable design (the fingers can be easily removed and the gloves can be quickly removed). Pads are a necessary design for bicycle gloves. The pads not only increase comfort, but they are also non-slip. It should be noted here that the pad is not as thick as possible. A pad that is too thick will make the handlebars not very conformable when held by the handlebars and will have a sudden feeling, which is uncomfortable and not conducive to operation. The experienced Burtono has been polished and researched in all aspects and it can be said that it is just right. At present, the mainstream palm pads of gym gloves are SBR or GEL, which can effectively absorb the shock and impact from the handlebars. Burtono's research in this area can be said to be the premier manufacturer, which has achieved the perfect combination of shock absorption and slip reduction.

Fifth (quality inspection). Through several patented sewing processes, each part is spliced together accurately, and a complete pair of gloves is formed. However, Burtono's quality inspection workshop also repeats some international indicators for quality inspection. After multiple strict procedures, it checks the gloves again to eliminate the defective products. The extra stitches in the sewing machine need to be cleaned by the worker's master to ensure the perfect quality.

Sixth, (packaging). After the inspection is completed, the gloves are finally placed on the mold to achieve a full three-dimensional effect. Hanging the suspenders and packing the protective gloves in a soft package can ensure that the customer has the latest quality from the time of transportation to the arrival. Such a glove-making is complete.

Although the manufacturing process of gym gloves is complicated, Burtono always insists on continuing the craftsmanship. Since the company was founded for more than ten years, it has reached international cooperation with many brands, which is also the best proof of our quality. Exercises that use a lot of hands, such as hard lifts, sticks, bench presses, etc. If it is easy to feel uncomfortable, we may soon end or give up the exercise. After all, sports equipment is hard and cold. Some bare-handed bodybuilders and people with thin palms will feel uncomfortable. When the weather is cold, the cold irons are more unpleasant, so wear a relatively soft Burtono retraining gloves can improve the comfort of exercise, and the increase in comfort can also promote the improvement of exercise performance or make exercise longer. Prolonged weight lifting will also make the palm easy to grow many cocoons and blisters, especially for female athletes, the cocoon is very uncomfortable. But there are exceptions. Can wear long training gloves make Chang Cocoon once and for all? wrong! If you are holding it incorrectly, you may grow cocoons even when you wear gloves. Also, although some male athletes don't care about the palm, small blisters may prevent you from using dumbbells for a short time, so wearing heavy training gloves can help solve this problem.

Gym wants to play handy while protecting their own hands. In consideration of material selection and details, Burtono is reflected in the response to the environment of the hands and people's feelings in the state of exercise. The scientific design of the human body is for the bodybuilder Provides the highest quality feel. So remind the majority of gym enthusiasts, remember to wear gloves to exercise.

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