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how to prevent calluses during fitness

20 May 2022

how to prevent calluses during fitness

There is nothing in the world like when you come to the gym with energy and energy to prepare for exercise...but you find that you cannot lift weights because the calluses on your hands are suffering from great pain, or the calluses are torn off during the exercise. Calluses are hardened, dry skin that appears due to dry friction and pressure between the handle and palm. Calluses are usually performed for a longer period of time. This means that if you are building muscles, you may encounter some of your own problems. And how should we prevent calluses? continue reading.

1.The best way to avoid calluses is to wear fitness gloves

One of the easiest ways to prevent calluses caused by rubbing exercise equipment on your hands is to create a barrier between your sensitive skin and the equipment. By using fitness gloves, it helps to protect the palm and finger parts from rubbing heavy objects. However, feedback on wearing fitness gloves has been mixed. Gloves will not interfere with your training, and may make your training process more enjoyable and meaningful. The palm material of fitness gloves is generally made of wear-resistant cloth, and palm pads are added to the parts that are often in contact with the equipment. Has the effect of shock absorption and compression. When you don’t have to deal with the pain caused by calluses on your hands, you can exercise as usual. The calluses will not rub against the equipment directly, and there will be no risk of skin infection. Fitness gloves also have wrist guards, which can resist pressure to help you lift heavier weights and achieve the progress you want. In fact, it can also bring better grip. In addition to sports gloves, you can also apply chalk on the palm to help lift weights, as it helps absorb sweat, thereby reducing hand friction. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable pair of gloves.

2.Focus on technology, change the way of grip

Holding the barbell incorrectly may cause the calluses on the palms to become larger and may rupture and tear. If you usually perform a barbell bench press with a wider grip, you can also hold the barbell with your fingers closer to the center of your hand to reduce the pressure on the callus. Another option is to use a fake grip. These small changes in your thumb and fingers may reduce your stress and help prevent calluses. The best way to hold a barbell is to place its replacement knuckles in the palm of your hand and if you always exercise in a different way, you can consider switching to this way. You may be uncomfortable when you first adjust, but you will thank us later!

3.Invest in A Grip

Slightly different from gym gloves, grips are usually used for workouts involving the pull-up bar. Grips aid in reducing the friction and tension on your gym hands, and it’s best used for CrossFit athletes and gymnasts who utilise pull-up bars a lot in their routine. However, one common feature of gym gloves and grips is that they can prevent calluses when frequently used. As for the holding technique, adding another layer between the hands and pull-up bar may require some getting used to, but your hands will be calluses-free. Try them on and kiss those calluses.

4.Weightlifting belt is your new choice

If you are more inclined towards strength enhancement than CrossFit, then investing in a weightlifting belt may be a better choice for you. Weightlifting belts are good for almost callous injuries during heavy lifting, because they often redistribute the pressure and weight of the palms and increase the strength of the forearms and wrists.

5.Avoid activities that cause calluses.

No, this is not a crazy idea-you may need to change your exercise slightly until the calluses are reduced. For example, if you have calluses due to bench press with Olympic barbells, use a bench press or perform various push-ups.

6. Check the calluses that have formed.

Soften your hands in warm water, then use a pumice stone, grater or nail file to smooth rough skin. After smoothing the skin, apply lotion. You can also choose to use salicylic acid because it helps loosen dead and hard skin. If calluses continue to form on your palms, it is best to consult a dermatologist, who will be able to remove them with a surgical blade. But if you don't want to completely eliminate the callus, because it can provide protection for your hands.There are many ways you can avoid calluses on your palms. However, the decision to choose the correct method is up to you.

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