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How to wear fitness gloves to keep fit under coronavirus

18 Mar 2020

The Nemesis of the new coronavirus: It is true that we defeated smallpox, but this was achieved by mass vaccination, which enabled the body to generate antibodies in advance to recognize and immunize against smallpox. So the only panacea for smallpox is our own immune system. Whether AIDS, hepatitis b, SARS, influenza, MERS, malaria, je, or today's new coronavirus, science has not found a drug that can cure the virus.What we can do, in fact, is to limit the incidence of the virus (vaccination), or to limit the spread of the virus (masks, goggles, alcohol), and control the source of infection (targeted isolation) as far as killing a virus completely, sorry, modern medicine is not able to do. malaria is not caused by a virus, but by a single-celled organism called plasmodium. The drug used to treat malaria, formerly cinchona cream and later artemisinin (tu youyou), is used to inhibit the growth of the parasite in red blood cells. China announced a plan to eliminate malaria in 2010, leaving only 3,116 malaria cases in China by 2015.In 2010, malaria caused 660,000 deaths worldwide (WHO materials).

Our national organizations, our people's troops and our health care workers can effectively control the source of infection, cut off the transmission, and provide the best external support to patients. But for patients, the key to defeating the virus is their body's immune system, which includes white blood cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, killer T cells and lymphocytes B cells that make antibodies to proteins. We can defeat the new coronavirus because the drugs and instruments are better able to sustain our lives and give our immune systems the strategic space to defeat the virus

How we improve our immunity by exercising properly?

How to wear fitness gloves to keep fit under coronavirus

The body is the greatest asset.

Why can zhong nanshan be 84 years old, still can maintain high intensity core work and business trip, fight epidemic war? It's just exercise and fitness.

First of all, you can't let yourself get hurt while fitness.80% of fitness friends agree that wearing fitness gloves while working out reduces injury. Your muscles and bones are easily damaged during the exercise. You need to choose your own fitness gloves or equipment

How to wear fitness gloves to keep fit under coronavirus

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