Is it hypocritical to wear gloves for fitness

22 Jul 2022

I chose two friends from those who like to wear fitness gloves and those who don’t like to wear gloves for training, and asked them to briefly explain their views and reasons.

A:The gym equipment is shared, so I am worried that direct contact with the equipment will directly contact those bacteria, and I am also afraid of calluses on my hands. So in the deadlift day, I will choose to wear a pair of gloves with "fully armed" hands, and I will choose gloves with fingers exposed when practicing the push.

B:I think if there is no psychological barrier or if you have to use gloves for protection due to injury, you should not wear gloves. I think it will affect my performance, especially when doing lifting movements, just like when you are doing yoga with socks, it will interfere with you and always feel uncomfortable.

We objectively analyzed the role of gloves from multiple angles. After reading it, you can also judge whether you should use fitness gloves.

About anti-wear

Many people think that wearing gloves can prevent calluses from being worn out on their hands. This is actually a wrong concept. No one wants to have calluses on their hands, but how many people around you who have a good body shape do not have calluses on their hands?

In fact, the root cause of calluses is squeezing rather than friction. When you hold the barbell with both hands, the skin in the palm of your hand will have accumulated folds. At this time, the squeezing between the barbell and the hand will make the folds more squeezed, and a cocoon will gradually form. These positions are also mostly at the base of the finger. Gloves can reduce the production of calluses, but cannot be completely avoided

Influence play

It is difficult to fully grasp and feel the handle of a barbell or other equipment through gloves. Samuel said, "If you touch the handle directly, it will be easier for you to adjust your grip, such as using the last three fingers for more force or the palm of your hand. But it is difficult to adjust these details when I wear gloves. And the feeling of the equipment will also be affected, affecting the performance."

In this way, isn't fitness gloves redundant? Of course not, it can reduce your risk of injury, and the use of booster belts will also improve your training performance.

Protect your wrist

Choosing fitness gloves with wrist guards can help you stabilize your wrist joints. Fitness also has high requirements on the strength of the wrist, especially when it comes to pushing, it will affect how much weight you lift. If your wrist is weak, you will be easily injured when you lift a heavy weight. At this time, the gloves are fixed to your wrist, which will reduce the risk of injury.

Cooperate with booster belt

Gloves can be used with booster belts to help you lift more weight. Scott Kerfield, coach of the National Association for Strength and Condition Training, said: "The booster belt can help you drive your hips, back and legs and other large muscle groups to lift more weight." But for those who have just worked out. For novices, Scott recommends that they lay the foundation first and don't use booster belts too hastily.

After objectively analyzing the role of fitness gloves, you still need to judge subjectively whether you should wear them. Everyone’s fitness habits are different. As long as they don’t make mistakes during training and don’t affect other people’s training, it’s natural to buy some favorite fitness protective gear.

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