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Novice fitness what fitness gloves should i use

30 Mar 2022

The choice of fitness gloves plagues many fitness enthusiasts.

First of all, I want to explain that fitness gloves are different from ordinary gloves. Although like ordinary gloves, everyone uses fitness gloves more for their protective effects. However, during the use of fitness gloves, the friction of the contact surface with other objects should be considered. Advantages of fitness gloves Fitness gloves are one of the basic equipment for daily fitness. The advantages of fitness gloves are that they can absorb sweat and prevent moisture, reduce hand wear, and allow you to exert better strength while maintaining hygiene. It also prevents blisters and calluses on the palms. Reduce the damage to the palm of the hand with the knurled structure on the pole. It also helps to improve training performance and is essential for every fitness enthusiast.

Nowadays, fitness gloves are basically half-finger. We take a long time to do exercises during fitness. The sweat in the palms when using full-wrapped gloves will reduce the friction between the palms and the gloves. It may cause instability and reduce your control of the barbell. The bare fingertip style can effectively prevent sweat accumulation.

Fitness gloves can also be simply divided into basic models and wristbands. The basic models are suitable for some simple exercises, and the wristbands are used for strength training. As a novice, the basic basic model is enough.

Since fitness gloves are so important, in order to protect our palms, reduce friction, and strengthen grip, it is particularly important to choose a fitness glove that suits you.

Generally, you can choose from three aspects: size, style, and material.


The current fitness gloves are basically half-finger, so don't worry about the length, but you must choose the size that fits your palm to ensure the comfort of the palm and will not affect the force.People who have not worn fitness gloves may not know the size that suits them at first, so they can go to the physical store to choose. Not only can you choose the size that suits your hand, but you can also feel the feeling of wearing.

If you want to buy fitness gloves online, you can use a measuring tape to measure your palm width, palm circumference, and the length from your middle finger to your wrist. Choose the size of your fitness gloves that suits your palm according to the seller's size chart. You can also measure the data and tell the customer service person, he will give you the recommended size.

Novice fitness what fitness gloves should i use

2. Style

Different styles of fitness gloves can be selected according to different fitness equipment. There are many styles of strength training gloves, such as full-finger, half-finger, wrist guard, protective pad... etc.

Novice fitness what fitness gloves should i use

Depending on your sports needs, choose the gloves that suit you. If you like boxing, then boxing gloves are a must of. If the intensity of heavy training is high, it is recommended to choose a wrist guard, so that it can fully protect the wrist, and it is best to have a protective pad, so that you can have a thick protective pad under your four knuckles and thumbs. , It’s not easy to feel pain when doing pulling or pushing movements.

There are also many different styles for the novice basic models. For example, palm guards can be used for dumbbell training, horizontal bar training and some small-strength presses.

Novice fitness what fitness gloves should i use


Non-slip, wear-resistant, shock-absorbing, sweat-absorbent and breathable are essential requirements for fitness gloves.There are many materials for retraining gloves on the market, so the selected materials must master these two points: non-slip, perspiration, and leather gloves are more wear-resistant and can overcome the vitality, but it is not easy to clean. Please pay attention to whether to keep dry and ventilated. . Do not dry in the sun, do not bleach, dry by machine, if it is not cleaned properly, it will be easy to smell of sweat over a long period of time. In addition, there is another material that is neoprene. Although it is not ventilated, it is easy to clean. It depends on personal preference.

Relative to the lightness and thickness of these gloves, it depends on your heavy training intensity. People with strong training levels can choose thicker gloves; if the weight is low, choose a thinner inner layer. Of course, these gloves must be breathable, stretchable and elastic, so as not to make you feel sultry and uncomfortable when you retrain.

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