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What fitness gloves do you wear for different fitness programs

17 Mar 2022

When exercising, you must prepare sports equipment. These sports equipment can prevent sports injuries. For example, running shoes must be prepared for running; yoga mats must be prepared for yoga. Do you know why fitness gloves must be prepared? What kind of exercise is suitable for fitness gloves? Let’s talk about fitness gloves today!

What fitness gloves do you wear for different fitness programs

Fitness gloves are designed to protect the palm of the hand and avoid friction between the palm and the equipment caused by a large number of gripping movements during training. The inner lining of fitness gloves is relatively soft, but it does not prevent the palm from being called, but it is more violent than without gloves. The cocoon on the hand is not caused by the abrasion of the skin by the device, but by the repeated folding and squeezing of the skin. Therefore, training with fitness gloves will also cause a cocoon.

It is worthy of recognition that fitness gloves can also play a non-slip effect, and at the same time can improve the grip strength when holding equipment, which is more conducive to the development of muscle power potential, especially for people who need to do exhaustion to gain muscle.

Although fitness gloves are good, not all sports are suitable for wearing fitness gloves! And the gloves needed for different sports are also different!

1. Chest training + fitness gloves with wrist guard function.

wristband, as the name implies, is that gloves can protect the wrist. Due to the high degree of freedom of movement of the wrist, the stability is relatively low. Especially when pushing heavy weights, it is easy to produce greater pressure on the wrist. Without any protective measures, it is easy to cause the risk of wrist sprain, and severely may cause wrist fasciitis. At this time, wearing gloves with wrist guard function can help you fix your wrist to improve stability.

What fitness gloves do you wear for different fitness programs

Wearing fitness gloves with wrist guard function need to pay attention to: 1. The winding position is the wrist between the hand and the forearm. It must not be wound over or under, generally align with the Velcro area. 2. The degree of tightness of the winding, too loose will not have the effect of fixing the wrist, and too tight will affect the blood sequence of the hand, use the Velcro as the benchmark to zoom, move the hand joints, it is better to use a little force.

2. When training arms + thin gloves.

When practicing arms and shoulders, the wrists will often move, such as bending over birds, bending over dumbbells, bending arms, curling, etc. These movements will stimulate the wrist more strongly. Gym dumbbell grips are mostly designed with ergonomics, and thicker gloves will Will affect your grip. So choosing a pair of lightweight gloves will greatly increase your training effect.

Printing ink on reflective film,then transfer the printed film to the fabric ,but poor reflection effect and general water resistance.Not recommended.

What fitness gloves do you wear for different fitness programs

3. When doing back exercises + fitness gloves with booster function.

Several movements that are usually done during back training: pull-ups, barbell rowing, high pull-down and other movements require the palm to grasp the equipment, and the forearm muscles will take precedence over the latissimus dorsi fatigue (here refers to heavy weight training, such as: weight lifting Body-up, heavy rowing, high-position pull-down, deadlift, etc.). Such booster gloves can help solve this problem.

What fitness gloves do you wear for different fitness programs

Points to note when wearing booster gloves: Try to rotate it in the positive direction when the weight is not heavy, so that it only protects the palm of the hand from friction, and the forearm can be exercised. When doing heavy weight training, use the reverse rotation to help you break through the lack of grip strength.

Be careful when using power-assisted gloves to do pull-ups: always keep your forearms in a state of exerting force, and don’t give all your body weight to the power-assisted gloves. This training will lead to strains on your wrists and shoulder bones.

Fitness equipment is mainly to prevent unnecessary sports injuries. If some friends use the cocoon on their hands as a medal for fitness, they can also choose other suitable fitness equipment, or they can display your "Medal of Honor"!

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