why do you wear fitness training gloves when exercising

15 Aug 2022

1. Good grip

One of the main advantages of wearing fitness gloves is that you can have a better grip effect when you exercise. When you hold dumbbells or barbells, some people are prone to slide bars, especially those with sweaty palms. The anti-skid design of the heavy training gloves in the palm makes it less easy for the user to slide under the influence of sweat when grasping the equipment, and also makes it safer for the user to do weight lifting, weight-bearing and upward movement.

2. Feel very comfortable

A lot of hand exercises such as hard lift, stick type, bench press, etc. if we feel uncomfortable easily, we may soon end or give up this sport. After all, sports equipment is hard and cold equipment. Some barehanded bodybuilders and people with thin palms will feel obviously uncomfortable, especially when the weather is cold; And wearing relatively soft heavy training gloves can improve the comfort of sports, and the increase in comfort can also drive the improvement of sports performance or make sports more long-term.

3. Palm protection

Lifting weights for a long time will also make the palm easy to grow many cocoons and blisters, especially for female athletes, cocoons are definitely very unpleasant. Of course, wearing Fitness Training Gloves does not guarantee that there will be no cocoons at all. If your grip posture is not correct, even if you wear gloves, there may be cocoons. In addition, although some male athletes do not care about the calluses on their palms, small blisters may also prevent you from using dumbbells in a short time. Therefore, wearing training gloves can help solve this problem.

4. Increase wrist support

Some fitness gloves will add additional wrist support when they are designed, just like additional ligaments, so that you can tie up the wrist to increase stability, and have more support when you do the wrist folding back; To some extent, it can also achieve wrist protection.

Recommended Fitness Gloves:

1. Chest training recommendation: gloves with wrist guard function

Wrist guards can protect the wrist during fitness. Because of the high degree of freedom of wrist movement, the stability is very low. Especially in the case of heavy weight press, it is easy to produce a large compressive force on the wrist. In the absence of any protective measures, it is easy to lead to the risk of wrist sprain and serious wrist fasciitis. At this time, it is very useful to wear gloves with wrist protection function.

2. Recommended for arm and shoulder training: lightweight gloves

When practicing the arm and shoulder, the wrist will often move, such as bending the bird, bending the dumbbell, bending the arm and lifting the arm. Wearing gloves with wrist protection function will affect the freedom of your wrist and affect the training effect; Wearing lightweight gloves is more conducive to wrist flexibility.

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