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Basic types of commonly used fitness gloves

There are many types of fitness gloves. on the market, with different materials and styles, as well as different styles and functions. Burtono is a professional manufacturer of fitness gloves. Our fitness gloves are diverse in styles, have a large inventory, support customization, high quality, and competitive prices.





Basic types of commonly used fitness gloves


1. Half-finger basic fitness gloves

This is the most common type of fitness gloves. The back of the hand is made of breathable and elastic material, and the palm needs to be wear-resistant and non-slip to avoid foaming and cocooning of the palm.

2. Half-finger fitness gloves with wrist guard

Heavy weight training teaches a common type of sports gloves, suitable for sports such as referrals. They are less breathable, but protect your hands from calluses and are suitable for use in cold weather. They have wrist support to help you avoid unnecessary wrist injuries, lift heavy objects, better fix the wrist, better exert strength, and lift more weight.

3. Fingerless gloves with extended pad and wrist strap

This glove combines the advantages of the first two, the fingerless and hollow design of the back of the hand, plus the palm pad of the palm and the wrist wristband, while breathable, prevent the palm from foaming and cocooning, and the wristband design protects the wrist from injury.

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