How to customize your own logo on sport gloves

Here we share some simple ways to customize your own logo on sport gloves.






1. changing logo

If you just wanna change the logo on our current sport gloves,what you need to do is to send us your logo in vector diagram, but not a picture. And then, we will calculate the price according to your logo,for example, if your logo is pretty simple with one color, the sample price is about USD80, if your logo is pretty complicated and many colors, the price need to be negotiated.the ETD for samples take 5-15 working days.

2. new design

If you wanna customize the sport gloves with your own new design,you need to send us your design in vector diagram, and tell us the materials details.the sample cost is about USD80,the ETD will be 15-30 working days, or negotiation.

3. return sample cost policy

Return sample cost policy,if your bulk order exceed 2000 unites, we will deduct the samples cost from the bulk order.if you wanna know more details of us,please let us know.

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