How to judge the production cycle of fitness gloves

Customized fitness gloves customers are most concerned about when their orders can be shipped. I feel that how long the factory says, the customers feel that it’s too long, and it’s best to ship tomorrow.






1. Confirm order information

When the production department receives an order, it must first confirm whether the product is correct, the order quantity(Take 1000 pairs as an example), how many colors, several sizes, glove technology, packaging requirements, etc.

2. Material preparation and Knife mold making

It takes 3-5 days to purchase conventional materials, 15-20 days if special materials need to be dyed.Existing materials in the factory, the purchase time is negligible.Knife molds can be made while purchasing materials,expected 3-5 days. One size requires a set of molds.

3. Production of cut pieces, craftsmanship of cut pieces, quality inspection of cut pieces

It takes 1 day to prepare the cut piece, 3-5 days to make the process, if it is planting glue, embroidery and other processes need a week.The processes cannot be carried out at the same time, one process can be completed before the next one can be carried out.Quality inspection one day.

4. Sewing

1000 pairs of fitness gloves sewing is expected to be 20 days.

5. Finished product inspection, packaging

Finished product inspection and packaging takes 3 days in total.

6. For example

1000 pairs of fitness gloves, if you purchase conventional materials, there are a total of two craftsmanship, it is estimated that it will take 40 days to produce.The premise is that the customer can arrange production on the line immediately after the order is placed. All the processes are smooth and there can be no accidents. Therefore, our delivery time is generally 45 days, leaving a few days to deal with emergencies.

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