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How to judge the quality of fitness gloves

There are many types of fitness gloves on the market, many times we don’t know how to judge the quality of fitness gloves. They are mainly distinguished from materials, crafts and functions. Only by learning to judge can we know whether the fitness gloves we buy match its price.





How to judge the quality of fitness gloves


1. Material

First of all, look at the choice of materials. There are three types of materials commonly used for the back of fitness gloves on the market: Lycra, mesh, and stair cloth. These three are all elastic materials, and the selection criteria are breathable and comfortable. There are four main palm materials: microfiber, suede, PU and leather. The leather has the best performance, but the craftsmanship that the leather can make is limited and the price is high. PU will face discoloration and cracking over time. The more commonly used are microfiber and suede. These two materials are more wear-resistant, and most of the processes can be completed on them.

2. Craft

Common craft for fitness gloves include sublimation transfer, printing, rubber planting, embossing and embroidery. Generally, the larger the craft area, the higher the price, and the more craft colors, the higher the price. In terms of small-area single-color technology, rubber planting is the most expensive, followed by silicone printing and embroidery, and the cheapest is sublimation transfer.

3. Function

The most important thing to choose fitness gloves is the function of the gloves. They should be breathable as a whole, because they will sweat during fitness. If the hands are not well breathable and sweaty, the hands will slip, which is very dangerous during fitness. Secondly, you can choose to bring a little palm pad on the palm of the glove, which can protect the hand from foaming and cocoon, or the palm material with a little silicone printing to increase the friction between the palm and the device. Finally, if you are training with heavy weights, you can choose fitness gloves with wrist straps, which can fix your wrists to avoid injury and achieve better training effects.

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