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How To Make a Fitness Gloves

All in all. Compared with the other gloves, the process of fitness gloves is more complicated, and the production complexity is not less than any product in fitness equipment.burtono is professional. In terms of selection of materials and details, The scientific design of the human body provides the best quality feel for the rider. last, remind gym enthusiasts, remember to wear gloves to gym.





How To Make a Fitness Gloves


1. Design and Customize

The first process is indispensable for the production of all products, which is design. The professional designer of gloves confirms the customized style of riding gloves according to customer requirements, including the choice of style, material selection, trademark selection, tag selection and Outer packaging options, etc. Burtono can provide one-stop service.

2. Purchasing

Burtono is good at finding the right raw materials according to the customer's specific requirements for the product, and offering reasonable prices and delivery times. Through Burtono's own production and a few other channels to find the same material as the glove sample the customer wants. This has also become an important reason for Burtono's very low product defect rate and high customer return rate.

3. Cutting

Cut it out with a machine, according to the design mock up template. but must have die cutting

4. Printing

Printing is using Graphic Communications, a technology that transfers ink, paper, fabric, plastic, leather, and other materials to the surface of materials such as paper, fabrics, plastics, and leather through a series of processes such as plate making, ink application, and pressurization

5. Sewing

Through a number of patented sewing processes, each part is spliced together accurately, and a complete pair of gloves is formed

6. Quality check

After multiple strict procedures, it checks the gloves again to eliminate the defective products. The extra stitches in the sewing machine need to be cleaned by the worker master to ensure the perfect quality.

7. Packing

The gloves are finally Hanging the suspenders and packing the protective gloves in a soft package can ensure that the customer has the latest quality from the time of transportation to the arrival. Such a glove making is complete.

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