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How to make money with fitness gloves

The production process of fitness gloves is long and has many steps. How much does each session cost? How much money can a pair of glove factories make?.





How to make money with fitness gloves


1. Material

In the production process of the factory, all material costs account for about 10% of the price of gloves.

2. Labor cost

Every process in the production of fitness gloves requires labor, from handling fabrics, cutting fabrics, printing patterns, sewing, quality inspection, and packaging. It all needs to be done by people, and the labor cost accounts for 30% of the glove price.

3. Loss

Unqualified pieces need to be re-cut for printing, and unqualified sewing needs to be dismantled and redone. These extra expenses are losses. 5% of the price of gloves.

4. Profit

In the end, it is the money that the factory can make by producing a pair of gloves, which accounts for 25% of the price of the gloves. But not every time you make that much money. The production process is changing, and so are the costs and expenses.

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