how to measure the size for fitness gloves

Good to know how to properly measure the size of fitness gloves. if you want to know more about other fitness gloves information,please don't hesitate to tell us.we keeping update variety of chatpers every week.






1. Common measurement sheet

Many people don't know how to select the fitness gloves sizes.even though sometimes they get the measuresment we are going to show you how to measure the fitness gloves step by step.then you could choose a pair of proper size glove for yourself.

2. cuff measurement

Lay the gloves flat on the table, put a ruler on the cuffs to measure the size of the cuffs.from one end to the other end.

3. Palm length

Spread out the gloves on the a table,using a ruler to measure from wrist inception to middle finger.

4. Palm measurement on knuckles

Spread out the glove on a flat table,using a ruler to measure from one end to the other end.please see the picture.

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