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how to pack the sport gloves

Good to know the packaging of the sport gloves.





how to pack the sport gloves


1. Polybag

Many customers worry about the packaging of the gloves.today,i gotta show you the packacging ways in our factory.the first packaging is packed with the polybag.some customers request to keep one airholes on the polybag.some customers don't need it.just depands on different customers's.demands.

2. Carton box

We use the standard export carton box for the final packaging to protect the gloves.it make of 5 layers of corrugated paper.our carton measurement is 55*37*37cm.the weight is about 1.3kgs.it's extremely strong.and it's ok to customize with other size carton box if you want.


If you have any comments to know more detailes of our factory,please don't hesitate to leave message.we will update the relative charters regularly.thanks a million for your collaboration.

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