How to produce a pair of fitness gloves samples

When a customer prepares to produce a large batch of fitness gloves orders, the factory will first make samples to confirm whether the communication is effective and whether it can meet the customer's requirements. People who do not understand the sample manufacturing process often think that it is easy to make samples. It doesn’t take that long.






1. Design

First of all, there must be a design drawing, which can be a professional design draft or a rough picture diagram. However, the logo and pattern files need to be vector graphics, and the color number of the pattern of multiple colors needs to be provided. Our company supports Pantone C card.

2. Computer made paper pattern

The designer draws paper patterns of various parts on the computer according to the customer's design drawings, and generally selects a size according to the customer's requirements to draw a set of sample size paper patterns,and laser cuts the paper pattern.

3. Cut

Cut the fabric according to the pattern. For the design draft provided by the customer, we will first make a no-craft sample to test the size and comfort, modify and adjust the size and materials after confirming that it is OK, do the craft, such as sublimation transfer or silicone printing, and cut it into pieces again.

4. Sewing

After preparing all the materials required for a pair of sample gloves, they can be sewn together one by one. After the final confirmation, trimming, and ironing, the sample gloves are completed.

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