How to select fitness gloves

Are different from ordinary gloves. Although they look like ordinary gloves. but how to choose fitness gloves? many people have no idea of it. you are lucky today. you will know how to select a suitable gloves for you after you read this chapter.






1. characteristics of gloves

First of all, let’s talk about the main points of how to choose suitable fitness gloves. The back of the hand is breathable, the palm is wear-resistant and non-slip, wears firm, and has fine workmanship.

2. Types of fitness gloves

let's be aware of how to choose fitness gloves. What we have to consider is the style, full-wrapped gloves or fingerless gloves? Fingerless gloves are highly recommended. We must know that the movements we do during fitness take a long time. The sweat in the palms when using full-wrapped gloves will reduce the friction between the palms and the gloves. It may cause instability and reduce your control of the barbell. The bare fingertip style can effectively prevent sweat accumulation.

3. materials selection

the material should consider friction, wear resistance, and thickness. Compared with the thickness, if the fabric is thicker, the breathability will be poor, and the breathability of leather is common sense. For example, hollow gloves, hollow design, breathable, not sultry, unrestrained, and feel more comfortable when holding equipment. The palm material should have friction, wear resistance and thickness. There are booster belts, wrist guards and boosters on the wrist.injury.

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